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英検(5~1級)・TOEIC(900点~満点レベル)・TOEFL(iBT: 80~120)・GMAT・GRE・SATI・SATII他英語に関する資格試験


EMS International is a language school which specializes in English education.  Nowadays, English is a global standard language and the demand to learn English has been increasing.  There are students from kindergarten to general adults who work for US based companies as well as prominent Japanese corporations. Many adult students with high academic backgrounds come to school to pursue their career overseas. 

We instruct preparation for any kind of qualification test including STEP(Level 5-1), TOEFL, TOEIC,  GMAT, GRE and other English examinations and qualifications.  A lot of students pursue high academic goals or careers in their lives.  Many students who came to our school until the end of graduation pass medical schools, dental schools, schools of pharmacy, and law schools all over Japan and other top-class universities. 

EMS is not just an English school.  EMS is a place which provides students with friendly environment to study.  At the same time, children and many students could build friendship through coming to the same school from differernt backgrounds. Most of the lessons are private lessons.  However, we also offer group lessons for mothers and senior citizens from goodwill for hobby and pleasure. If you are interested in group lessons, please feel free for further infromation by e-mail or a phone call. We  welcome students at any time. However, we try our best to serve your requirements but depending on the schedule conflicts, inconvenience might occer. Therefore, please give us a call in advance for information without hesitation.


With 30 years of background, we are professionals in English education and provide the best possible service to students from any school and business.  We always do our best to meet your needs.  








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